I know it's been a long time since I posted something here but now that I finished High school (yay!) I'm going to have a lot of time to do the things I love and blogging is definitely one of them!  

Talking about the outfit I have to say that these pants are one of my favorites just because the paisley print which is one of my top prints for anything so I'm in love with the pants 

Pants: Forever 21 // Purse: Zara  // Shoes: Lulu's  // Sunnies: Thrift // Necklaces: Maktub 

Maricruz xx






Since the first time I watched an episode of gossip girl I have been a confessed fan of Blake Lively as an actress and a fashion muse.
One of my favorite red carpets of all time has to be Cannes film festival, because you can be able to see a couple of different looks instead of just one, and not only because of that, the taste of the designs is always a bit more "couture" than the usual.
And this last week, Blake has left me overwhelmed with her Cannes outfits, all of them are exquisite! And in my very personal pinion this has to be one of her best fashion moments ever!

Photos sources: Vogue, Getty Images

Maricruz xx


Real Techniques New Core Collection

I'm head over heels that I finally got these brushes, a lot of you have seen or have the "Core Collection" that normally it comes with 4 brushes, these 3 and a detail brush, but now the kit only comes with these ones and the prices is a little bit cheaper :) 

I have these brushes for two weeks now and I can only say good thing about it, even for the mini foundation brush cause it seem to small for foundation and it actually it is, but I find it perfect to apply concealer to larger areas or when I don't feel like wearing foundation all over the face.

This brush kit is around the $15-$18, so it's a really nice price for such incredible brushes

Buy the set HERE 


School Days

Hello everyone, I know I have been missing for quite a long time and I felt like I really needed to post a "outfit" post, and because lately I having NO time for doing blog stuff (Finals time) I managed to took these pictures at school since we are having our "High school week" where each day we have a theme to dress differently since we use uniform, and Friday's was "mix match day" , and my class and I decided to mix match the year and we went dressed like different decades and I chose the 90's :) 

Denim shirt- Gap
T-shirt- Forever 21
Bandanna- Friend's closet